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“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ULTIMATE competitive business advantage” Jack Welch – former CEO of GE

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We understand that you may want us to emphasize certain elements of a program, or you may want to address some specific points. Our experienced trainers adjust their content to accommodate your specific objectives and emphasize your organization’s values, priorities and culture.

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Indoor Air Quality and Preventive Maintenance

The high visibility of indoor air quality problems has created opportunities for knowledgeable HVAC professionals in abroad range of services. This course is designed to provide the participants with an overview of indoor air quality issues as well as an understanding of investigation and mitigation techniques.

Includes materials

You’ll learn about:

  • Effect of tight buildings on the indoor environment
  • Investigating IAQ problems
  • Common misconceptions about indoor air quality
  • Air sampling / measurement
  • ASHRAE standards
  • Effective maintenance & source control

Mechanical Codes
Mechanical Codes regulate mechanical systems and equipment including HVAC, exhaust systems, air distribution ducts, boilers, refrigeration, & hydronic piping. This course is designed to give participants a “working knowledge” for everyday use in system design, application & service.

Thermodynamics – Troubleshooting Refrigerant Circuits
This course was developed to train technicians in correct methods of system diagnosis that take the “guess work” out of refrigeration cycle diagnostics. The Thermodynamics course takes participants through a review of the basic refrigeration cycle and then builds an in-depth understanding of superheat and subcooling, and their relation to system operation. This course will provide even the most experienced technicians with a greater understanding and ability. The course is conducted in an A to Z format that makes the information understandable to new technicians and apprentices as well as seasoned professionals.
You’ll learn about:

  • Thermodynamic principles
  • Proper charging techniques (R-22 + R-410A)
  • Superheat and subcooling
  • Latent & sensible heat
  • Troubleshooting expansion devices, restrictions, improper air flow

CO, Combustion Analysis, & Venting

Topics include:

  • Combustion Analysis
  • Heat Exchanger Analysis
  • Combustion air requirements and calculations
  • Troubleshooting venting & combustion related problems
  • A.G.A. vent sizing tables

Understanding Airflow
HVAC ASSOCIATES’ “understanding Air Flow” is conducted in a format that makes information understandable to participants with no previous air side training while promoting greater understanding for experienced pros. You’ll learn how to effectively troubleshoot “air side” problems in existing systems. You’ll also learn basic duct sizing procedures necessary for proper system installation and operation.

Topics include:

  • Terminology & relationship
  • Calculations
  • Tools & measurement
  • Using a duct calculator
  • Diagnosing air flow problems
  • Includes workbook

Anyone involved in the sale, service, or installation of HVAC systems will benefit form this valuable workshop!

*HVAC ASSOCIATES’ “Residential Duct Design” course is recommended as an excellent follow-up for participants wishing to become proficient at system design.

Heat Pump Seminar
Topics Include:

  • Basic refrigeration & heat pump cycles
  • Heat pump components
  • Air flow calculations
  • Charging procedures
  • Heat pump output calculations
  • Performance calculations (c.o.p.)
  • Electrical schematics / sequence of operation
  • Troubleshooting heat pumps

Electrical Fundamentals
HVAC ASSOCIATES’ Electrical Fundamentals seminar provides participants with a functional knowledge of electrical circuits and troubleshooting techniques relative to the HVAC industry.
Topics include:

  • Electrical terminology
  • Ohms law
  • Schematic reading
  • Compressor diagnostics
  • Circuit design
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Troubleshooting exercises

*Bring a calculator

Customer Relations Seminar
Our customer relation seminar is a workshop developed for all persons in the
hvac industry. The workshop focuses on training participants to better serve customers through personal development and professionalism. Business owners, managers, technicians, sales and office personnel will benefit from improved customer relation skills.

How will you benefit?
Increase profits by:
Increasing the value of your services
Increasing repeat customers & referrals
Reducing callbacks & customer complaints

The topics of this valuable workshop include:

  • Valuing the customer rather than the transaction
  • Developing customer relationships
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Perceived ability – Five factors that influence a customers’
    perception of your value and ability
  • The importance of the “First Impression”
  • Providing good value through effective time management
  • Five effective ways to reduce callbacks
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • The impact of Attitude
  • Making a good final impression – Inviting a customer to do business again

Journeyman Exam Prep Series
The most highly recognized and successful journeyman prep series available!

This series helps prepare HVAC apprentices for the Kentucky Journeyman Exam. Course includes lectures, worksheets and practice exams.
Topics include:

  • Thermodynamic principles
  • Electrical fundamentals
  • Air flow principles
  • Codes
  • Blue print reading
  • Exam skills training

Masters Exam Prep Series
This series is designed to prepare those wishing to take the Kentucky HVAC Masters Exam!

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